Natural Cocoa


Natural cocoa powder is the most common type of cocoa powder, both in stores and when used in recipes. Natural cocoa powder will be most widely available and contains a large amount of valuable nutrients. “Natural” signifies that it is unprocessed beyond the initial separating from the cocoa butter and grinding into a powder; it is also sometimes labeled on packaging as “unsweetened cocoa powder” or “pure cocoa powder.” It is fruity, complex, and bitter in flavor, and light brown in color. Cocoa beans are naturally quite acidic, and regular cocoa powder is as well, with a pH level between 5.3 and 5.8. This makes it a great addition to recipes that include baking soda, as the cocoa will trigger the chemical reaction that causes lift and lightness in your final bake.

Natural cocoa powder available in 25 kg kraft paper bags.

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